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Sacred Chronicles [entries|friends|calendar]
Sexy Beast!

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[30 Jul 2005|08:50pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Wow....So lately, things have been hectic. I was workin the 18th, two mondays ago, and I had 30 minutes 'til I get off work. I work with Sean's step-mom doin a temporary job....Well, our 30 minutes were never finished. I'm working, and she comes running over to me sayin "We gotta go, we gotta go" So as we're runnin out to the car in a hurry I ask her what's happening. Turns out, Sean was under his dad's 3 ton Ford F-550 work truck, and he was putting up a second jack so they could put new tires on. Well, the first jack slipped to the side a little and the truck rolled off of it onto Sean. I was scared when I heard. They had to call an ambulance to drive him down the driveway to a field next door that was big enough for a helicopter to land, then they airlifted him to the trauma center in Orlando since it's the best one in Florida. He got to go home the night it happened, because they didn't have to do surgery on his fractured collarbone or fractured pelvis. Almost two weeks later, he's doin great, though. Let's see....I think the Friday after it happened, he left the house for the first time, then this past Tuesday, he started driving on his own, now he's walkin without his crutch and he's got appointments set up for Physical Therapy and for his two-week checkup at the ORMC. I was honestly scared for his life when I heard. Turns out you never realize how precious someone is to you until they're at the risk of leaving you forever...Not just leaving the relationship you hold. But, he's doing good and I am grateful for that. The doctors said that if he hadn't been laying in dirt under the truck, but on cement instead, the truck would have crushed him to death. But the truck just pushed him into the dirt. He couldn't breath for about 13 seconds when he was under there, so the blood vessels in his eyes popped and they were completely red for a while, but it's starting to get better. I think I was scared the most to see my hero bruised and broken...He's supposed to be indestructible.......But he's still my sweet, smartass little baby. I might be left scarred, but we're both alright now.

On other topics...The ending of the new Harry Potter book made me sad :( and....Hmmmm. I'm a senior, woo! Not. Nothing special there. I had to wait two hours today to get my pictures done. I guess today is just a foreshadowing of how hellish my senior year is gonna be. Ima start workin and saving money for my college funds and what not. Maybe in the end I'll have a little bit extra to spend on myself as a graduation gift to myself. I'll be congratulating my lazy butt for getting through school. I'm not screwing up or skipping this year at all. I can't afford to, and I don't want to ruin everything for a little bit of leisure time. It's not worth it. You skip once, it's like smoking cigs once..You're addicted. That's what almost lost me my chance to graduate in the class I belong in. I'm not doin it again. I'm not stressing myself like that again, and I refuse to put my mom through Hell like that. She's too young to have white hairs lol. Anyways...I'm doing good. Just been taking care of Sean and getting ready for school and what not, along with the usual boring junk I do every other summer. I doubt I post anymore than I do now, even though I keep saying I will. I'm a bum, don't ever expect much from me lol. Anyways, I'll post sometime soon if I remember, heh.


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[25 May 2005|05:38pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Sean found this book a while back and gave it to me the other day. I like it a lot...Poetry and what not. Here's one of my favorites out of the ones I have read so far.

Tonight I saw the people
Walking in the crowded streets,
Mumbling to themselves
The words they will not share,
And fearing that no one
Can understand the pain--or care.
Satisfied to find a home
Where someone knows their name,
Tasting their transcendence
In a weekly poker game
Or a lamp and yellow chair
That always seem the same.

Tonight I saw the people
Walking in the crowded streets,
Walking in the privacy of fog damp darkness,
Separate shadows apart,
Weary of step and heart,
Hands brushing, barely touching enough
To warm the fingers.
Tightly I held your hand,
Locking wrists amid the traffic noise,
And as I pulled you close, I heard
The lonely people weeping for their toys.

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[23 May 2005|11:08am]
Well...I'm moving. It may not sound too exciting that I'm moving across the highway...But it is exciting that I'm moving into a house. This place we're in now is waaaayyyy too small. So me, mom, Karl, Sean, and mom's b/f Doc are moving into a place. Sean gets to stay with me ^_^ I'm happy. We're hoping to be outta here by Sunday. Yep....

So, that's what's been goin on lately..Packing and what not. I'm trying to convince my mom to lemme have another cat that Sean's brother found. They don't want him, and I already like him and named him Jester. He's cute =^_^= Hehe
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It's alright.... [21 Mar 2005|05:42pm]
So why are things so different feeling all of a sudden? Life's great, and things are going good. I'm all done screwing up in school, and I'm finally getting caught up. Sure, i'm lonely, but even that's not why I feel so strange..

I guess I've realized that..everything he said to me, now that I look back, didn't really mean anything at all. I'm afraid to let go, but then again, I think I should just leave his life forever. Things would probably be better if I did. When I look at what he's saying now, compared to what he said to me, I know that he felt nothing with me that he does with her. I know it's all so much greater...I guess it's just that I feel like I wasted a lot of our lives. Blah. I don't know.

But things are good..Things are OK.

Things will be fine.

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[21 Mar 2005|05:39pm]
[ mood | numb ]

So let go..Let go..
'Cuz there's beauty in the breakdown....
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[16 Mar 2005|08:14am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

So..I might be makin a new LJ....It shall include my alter ego name MENA! Mwa hahahaha. I love that name for some reason. Heh. It's me MUD name matey! You guys should play MUD. It rocks socks, I swear. But yeah, bus in like...10 minutes.

Later Kids!

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[15 Mar 2005|04:05pm]
Oh Yeah!

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[14 Mar 2005|03:51pm]


Click on the Evo link.
host: ozma.kyndig.com
port: 1874
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